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[文字] 千年敬祈英语访问——访飞鸿及导演

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Faye Yu (who also goes by Feihong Yu) was introduced to American audiences in The Joy Luck Club. Nearly fifteen years later, she reunited with director Wayne Wang for the larger role of Yilan in A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.

“When he tapped me for The Joy Luck Club, I was only a film student at the Beijing Film Academy. I met him out of the blue. It wasn’t really casting. I was doing my summer vacation in Shanghai. He was location scouting. I just ran into him. He thought I would be good for the role of Ying Ying, the younger mother back in the ’40s.”

There was a minor complication in her casting. While her scenes took place in China, they were being filmed in San Francisco. She had to leave her country.

“I was 19 years old. I’d never been out of the country. At that time it was very hard for me to get a visa. It took them three months.” The studio had to use plenty of political connections to make bring her to America. “By the time I got to San Francisco, they had been shooting for a month. They whole production was waiting for me.”

Wang was devoted in getting her to play the role. He could have gone with a second choice, but he stuck it out for her arrival.

“I really appreciated it,” she said. “Prior to that, I only met him once. In the Chinese way, we think it is a fate that brought us together. Interestingly I didn’t speak English at the time. I had an assistant to take care of me and translate for me.”

She didn’t immediately go Hollywood after her first major role.

“After The Joy Luck Club, I went back to Beijing to finish my school. I graduated and did two projects. I came to Los Angeles and tried to learn English. Then I went back (to China) again.

She taught at the Beijing Film Academy while continuing her acting career.

“By the time he called me up for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, I was preparing my directorial debut. Out of the blue he called me up and thought I’d be proper for the role in A Thousand Years. My pre-production was busy. He said, ‘I only need four weeks. Can you take that time?’ At the time we were doing the artwork and design. I kind of managed to leave for four weeks to do the movie. That turned out to be a blast,” she said. “I have grown up in both in a personal way and professional way. He saw the changes in me and he really liked it.”

The small nature of the film allowed the actors a chance to really feel the material and the characters.

“We had a reading and we did everything in the script. On set he changed everything,” she said. “He had new ideas come out. We would leave the script and do things spontaneously. We had everything planned, but do something that we feel on set.

Henry O plays her father who is staying in her apartment in Spokane. O is best known for being one of the Buddhist monks on The Sopranos. He also has appeared in Rush Hour 3, Shanghai Noon and The Last Emperor. How did Yu react to her co-star?

“I immediately felt a bond with him as soon as I got on set. He’s very nice, lovely guy. He’s a very typical Chinese father type. He’s humble and polite. He doesn’t talk that much. He holds all his feelings to himself.

“Chinese parents express themselves much verbally. Within my family my father and mother never say, “I love you, baby.” We don’t say love the word that easily. But you can feel it in every way. The way they treat you shows how much they love you. I live in Beijing and my parents live in Hangzhou which is near Shanghai. Whenever I go visit them, my mother cooks and cooks as much as she can. She just wants to feed me. That’s just the way she shows her love. They feel like there’s nothing they can do more since you’ve grown up. We don’t much like hugging or saying ‘Love you so much.” You see it in their gesture. I can relate to this movie. The father and daughter have conflicts, but the love is mutual. No matter how far you go, no matter how many conflicts you have or conflict differences, you are always their baby.”

O has the supreme look of concern when his daughter doesn’t return as scheduled.

“In the film, the father has to know where she goes, who she sees and why she comes back late. The Americans wouldn’t understand it. In the Chinese way, the parents always think you’re a baby. You can grow up to 60 years old and you’re still a baby to them.”

Her time spent in Los Angeles learning English allowed her tap into the character who is living between two mindsets.

“All that experience helped a lot for me to play that character,” Yu said. “I can understand both cultures and understand the differences. That helped me to play a character caught in the middle of this conflict.”

Yu finds a deep truth in Yilan’s character when it comes to speaking English for what can’t get said in Chinese.

“She never learned to express her feelings in her own language because of the culture. Unlike the character, I’m very close to my parents. But we don’t express much of our personal feelings to each other,” she said. “I don’t talk to my parents about being in love with this one or broke up with this one. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. So the character in the movie said that she learned feeling to express in English. I do feel that a little bit.”

She also found that there’s other things she can express only in English.
“I never curse in Chinese,” she said. “When I curse in English, I don’t feel like it’s a curse. I say it with more feeling, even dirty words. If I say the f-word in Chinese, it wouldn’t be proper for me. But when I say the f-word in English, I don’t feel that strange.”

What did the actress feel about her month in Spokane? “Spokane is different from L.A. It makes you think back to the early days of America.” Was there a Chinese community in the city? “We were able to find a couple Chinese restaurants, but we didn’t see a large Chinese population there.

Yu returned to China in time to start production of her film.

“I just finished the post-production and it’s going to be released in August in China. It’s called Eternal Beloved. That’s the English title, but it’ll be different in Chinese. It’s an epic love story about two young people, reincarnation, loves in previous lives and after life.

Her time with Wayne Wang has proven to be helpful in giving her tools to work on a set.

“His input influenced me a lot,” Yu said. “I’m really glad that I had a time to come out and do that film with him prior to my directing job. His concentration, his way of directing and communicating with actors and film crews was sort of a pre-education thing for me. He’s almost a mentor to me. When I came back to China to do the film, I remembered how he did that work.”

One of the curious elements of the film is how short the names above the title are with O and Yu as the stars. “We have easy last names,” she said.

She’s not related to Ronnie Yu, the director of Bride with White Hair and Bride of Chucky. Do people in China wonder about them being related?

“It’s pronounced the same, but we have different characters. My Yu is quite rare,” she declared.

A Thousand Years of Good Prayer and The Princess of Nebraska are currently available as double DVD set from Magnolia Home Entertainment.
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Her time with Wayne Wang has proven to be helpful in giving her tools to work on a set.
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“他请我演《喜福会》的时候,我只是北京电影学院的一个学生。遇到他在我的意料之外,并不是真正的选角。当时我放暑假在上海,他在拍外景(选景?location scouting)他碰巧遇见我,认为我适合扮演“盈盈”,影片中一位母亲在40年代,年轻的时候。

“我那时19岁,从来没出过国门。当时取得签证很难,花了3个月才办成。”剧组(studio,摄影棚)不得不通关系(political connection)让她去美国。“我到达旧金山的时候,他们已经拍摄了一个月了。整个拍摄进度都等着我。”




“拍完《喜福会》我回到北京完成学业。我毕业之后还做了两个项目(? project)后来我去洛杉矶学英文,之后又回到中国。



这部小制作的电影(? the small nature of the film)让演员们有机会认真地体会它的素材和角色。

“我们读了剧本,并且做了所有能做的准备。但是到了现场(on set)他做了很多修改,”她说,“他有了新的想法。我们可以脱离剧本,自然地表演。虽然之前做了准备,但是我们依据现场的感受表演。”




俞飞鸿在宜兰这个角色身上看到了非常写实的一面,(finds a deep truth),她能够用英文表达出很多她无法用中文表达的意思。







“我刚刚完成了后期制作,电影将会在八月底在中国上映。它叫《爱有来生》。英文名字是Eternal Beloved,但用中文表达会有些不同。它讲述一对年轻人之间史诗般的爱情故事,经历投胎转世,在今生和来世的恋情。”

事实证明,在王颖身边的日子,对于她在片场起到很大帮助。(???be helpful in giving her tools on a set)



她和《白发魔女传》、《鬼娃新娘》(《Bride of Chucky》)的导演于仁泰 (Ronnie Yu)没有关系。中国观众会觉得他们之间有联系么?

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She also found that there’s other things she can express only in English.
“I never curse in Chinese,” she said. “When I curse in English, I don’t feel like it’s a curse. I say it with more feeling, even dirty words. If I say the f-word in Chinese, it wouldn’t be proper for me. But when I say the f-word in English, I don’t feel that strange.”


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PS 感謝分享&葉暮同學的翻譯~!

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